Comfort, Function and Safety – ProOperator

Until now there has been no adequate protection for High Pressure Cleaning. Nothing that has been adapted to the power of today’s equipment or the users demands for comfort and functionality. Our experience from waterjetting with very high pressures (up to 3000 bar), and other personal protective equipment, has been the basis for our new line of clothing. ProOperator – High Pressure Cleaning Protection.

strongest_fibreDyneema® is the world’s strongest fiber
(15 times stronger than steel on a weight for
weight basis). This makes it possible to offer
high levels of protection against waterjetting
hazards even with lightweight fabric. Being
much thinner and more flexible than traditional
materials, such as leather, cotton and metals,
products made with Dyneema® fiber will be
very comfortable. Employees will appreciate
this comfort, combined with higher protection,
and consequently are more likely to wear them
at all times.


CE-certified products

ProOperator products are CE-marked – this means that they satisfy the essential requirements in the European directive 89/686/EEC, ”Directive for use of personal protective equipment”.


Striped fabric clearly identifies protected areas and the labels tell the level of protection.
As high pressure cleaning is very dangerous, it is essential that the operator knows where and what he or she is protected for.